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St Louis Flooring contractors

HomeAdvisor users rate St. Louis Flooring contractors on a scale of 1-5 stars, with five being the highest and four being the lowest. The overall rating is based on the number of verified reviews and feedback from homeowners. This makes it easy to compare and contrast companies. However, it is not the only source of feedback. It is also important to consider the reputation of a company before deciding to use them.

Walter Verseman

The company began in the early 1900s and was named Missouri Floor Company. Its mission was to install quality flooring with lasting value and beauty. After acquiring the business from the Kercher family in the mid-60s, Verseman expanded its services and become one of the largest sports flooring contractors in the St. Louis area.

Reinhold Flooring

Reinhold Flooring is a family-owned business that proudly serves the St. Louis and surrounding communities. This company specializes in high-quality flooring products, installation, and service. Reinhold Flooring has a team of highly trained craftsmen and sales associates who will be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your home or office.

The company offers a wide variety of flooring solutions, ranging from luxury vinyl flooring to state-of-the-art carpets. Reinhold is known for quality craftsmanship, and their prices are very competitive. The staff is courteous and considerate of household items. Unlike other companies, their work looks better than their competition.

Amants Floor Care

Amants Floor Care is a full-service St. Louis flooring contractor that provides all types of floor cleaning services, including tile and grout cleaning, stone surface cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning. They also provide grout sealing. All of these services are available at competitive prices. Contact Amants Floor Care for a free quote.

Founded in 1969, Amants Floor Care has been providing top-notch floor cleaning services in the St. Louis area for more than four decades. Since then, the company has expanded to include other services, including upholstery cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and terrazzo floor restoration. The company has been voted one of the best in the St. Louis area by various consumer and business review sites.

Amants Floor Care provides a variety of services for residential and commercial customers, including carpet cleaning, marble floor cleaning, and grout cleaning. Additionally, the company offers spot removal and Scotchgard (TM) Fiber Protection application. The company also offers power vacuuming and other services that will enhance the beauty of your floors.

Amants Floor Cleaning & Floor Cleaning Services

If you want to keep your floors looking their best, you need to hire a professional flooring service in St. Louis to clean them for you. This company offers a variety of services including hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. They also seal grout so it will remain clean.

Amants Floor Cleaning & Floor Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing quality service for homes and businesses. It was founded in 1969 by Steven Amant and has grown into one of the most respected floor cleaning companies in the area. Today, the company offers services for hardwood, tile, and laminate floors.

If you have a vinyl floor in your home, consider using Amants Floor Cleaning & Floor Cleaning Services. Their cleaning services will protect your investment and make it look newer. They offer total cleaning, spot removal, and Scotchgard (TM) Fiber Protection for your floors. The company even offers power vacuuming to help keep your floors clean and protected.