Who Is Emad Zaki MD?

Emad Zaki MD

If you’re looking for a pediatric nephrologist, you may be wondering who Emad Zaki MD is. This board-certified pediatrician is a non-participating provider with Medicare, and he specializes in treating multiple conditions. However, whether he is the right doctor for you depends on your specific needs. In this article, we’ll cover some of his qualifications and experience.

Emad Zaki is a pediatric nephrologist

If you’re in search of a pediatric nephrologist, Dr. Emad Zaki is a top choice. This pediatric nephrologist is an internationally recognized specialist who treats illnesses in children and teens. He has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Best Doctor List in the UK and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Those who have been treated by Dr. Zaki can rest easy knowing he’s a top choice for their care.

Despite being a top pediatric nephrologist in the country, Dr. Zaki is not currently accepting new patients. Nonetheless, he may treat Abdominal Pain, Allergic Reaction, and Anemia. His experience in pediatric nephrology has allowed him to successfully treat thousands of patients over the years. He’s also affiliated with the East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists.

He is a board-certified pediatrician

Dr. Emad L. Zaki is a board-certified pediatrician who practices in Brooklyn, New York. He received his medical degree from Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Patients should call his office to verify whether or not their plan covers his services. He is affiliated with East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists. You should verify your coverage before making an appointment.

Dr. Emad L. Zaki MD has experience treating kids of all ages in Scottsdale, Arizona. He sees children of all ages and has a special interest in autism spectrum disorder. His expertise in this field has earned him numerous awards and accolades. While he is now retired, he is still available for urgent care. Pediatricians commonly treat eight conditions, although some may see as many as 54. Listed below are some of the conditions Dr. Zaki treats regularly.

He has expertise treating multiple conditions

Dr. Emad Zaki is a board-certified pediatric pulmonologist with expertise in the treatment of multiple conditions. His areas of expertise include Allergic Reaction, Anemia, and Abdominal Pain. He is affiliated with East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists. He has not indicated whether he offers telehealth services. In general, doctors with expertise in multiple conditions are at the forefront of their field and aware of the latest advances.

Pediatricians specialize in managing the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children. They undergo extensive training and pass exams on various diseases and disorders affecting children. They treat patients from birth, perform physical examinations, administer vaccinations, and diagnose childhood illnesses. They provide parents with information about their child’s health and help them achieve developmental milestones. Pediatricians work to keep children healthy and develop at an appropriate rate.

He is a criminal attorney

Criminal lawyer Emad Zaki filed a lawsuit against Richard K Walker, a physician, in the Maricopa County Superior Courts. The case is being heard by Timothy Thomason, the judge. The court documents are not available online. In the Other lawsuit Emad Zaki filed against Walker, he alleges that the defendant was a racial slur and he was fired for being over forty years old.